I am Captain Beth M. Anderson, an entrepreneur, owner of Plum Creek Consulting (my website business), founder of OrgTrack.com (now owned by my brother) and an internationally recognized expert in word-of-mouth referral networking.

I am an active participant in several on-line networking communities, and credit much of my success to the lessons learned by my participation in the world’s largest organization of weekly face-to-face meetings, BNI, Business Network Int’l. I am now a proud member of Polka Dot Powerhouse in Winona, MN. Rock the Dot!

A website designer and developer by trade, I have my fingers in a number of different things at all times. Always passionate about the latest adventure, I love learning new things, meeting new people, and tackling new challenges.

My favorite place to be is on my sailboat, Rudder Chaos. As of November 2014 I am a USCG Captain, which means this is now a real business for me.